To its core, an architectural finish is a finish (an interior surface) that is branded. Some brands supply great architectural finishes that can completely revitalize your space that have added benefits.

3M DI-Noc ™ Architectural Finishes offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional renovation methods while allowing flexibility of design and environmentally conscience efforts. These vinyl finishes can be applied to virtually any visible surface within your workspace. Made with durable and flexible material, the option to resurface any area becomes a reality. With over 800 different patterns in style ranging from leather, metallic, stone, wood and more, there is no limit to what aesthetic you are trying to achieve.

Another film material that provides a unique design is BoDAQ, made by Hyundai in Asia. BoDAQ has three main functions:

Reduces harmful gasses found in wallpapers and graphics
Creates fresh air to reduce bad smells
And provides a healthier environment using infrared rays.
These films can be applied to several different types of surfaces, and add a new level of luxury to your designs. From restaurants and shops to hospitals and banks, the applications are limitless.

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