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Custom Wraps

Bassmaster Boat Wraps

Each year as the Bassmaster Elite Series approaches, all of the competitors are busy completing their last-minute preparations. And along with those duties is the business of wrapping their boats.

Bass Pro WrapsColorful and creative, fishing boat wraps are meant to add impact for sponsors — and that they do just that! Each is unique, and to some degree, a statement about the competitor. You could say they're as distinctive as the personalities showing them off.

But before the Elite Series began, boat wraps were rarely seen on competitor boats. Tournament organizations used them to tout tour sponsors, but few anglers had any use for them… or so they thought!

Then came the Elites, and B.A.S.S. officials decided it would be a great way for the anglers to brand themselves while promoting their sponsors. So templates and guidelines were established, and every pro is now required to develop his own look and style. And there's no doubt the concept has added impact to the tour.

Getting Started

Most anglers seek what's known as a "title sponsor" — a dominant brand to carry the overall design of their wrap. Of course, more space means more money, and that's something savvy companies are willing to pay for — so long as it's within their budget. In some cases, anglers will work with more than one title sponsor, figuring out a way to split the costs and space equitably. Either way, it's all about branding and the placement of logos so that supporting sponsors see some real benefit to a floating billboard.

Once the title sponsor is secured, anglers then works with that sponsor to create an attractive motif, usually involving a company like Wraps N Motion for graphic support. Wraps N Motion creates the graphics on a computer by a talented staff member that blends and layers images together. It's awesome to watch, as they move the separate components of the design around until they fit ideally against the 2-dimensional template of a boat. This is all done to scale, obviously, so experience really pays off when adapting the image to the real thing.

Bass Pro Truck WrapsOnce a design is agreed on, the draft is then submitted to B.A.S.S. tournament officials for approval. Just like NASCAR, B.A.S.S. requires all designs to fall within their creative guidelines — so that there is some consistency, or harmony, among all of the boats. Tour emblems are assigned to certain places with the free space left for sponsor signage. Once approved, the wrap process begins.

Don't forget your matching truck wrap!

While there are countless sign companies out there, not many are proficient with wrap installation — particularly on boats. When you're dealing with a 3-dimensional shape that's exposed to the elements and rough treatment, the wrap has to be applied accordingly. And believe me, Elite Series pros put their boat wraps to the test!

This is why hiring a professional company like Wraps N Motion is so important. They have the wrap market cornered in Northern California and do more wraps in a week than most garage based shops see in a year. The guys at Wraps N Motion hold more wraps certifications than any shop around and their professional wrap jobs show it.

The in-house graphic artists at Wraps N Motion works out the details of the design on a computer, making sure everything is right. Once the final touches are made, printing begins.

Wraps N Motion uses large printers that handle 4-foot roles of adhesive vinyl film (3M is preferred). The film feeds through the printer similarly to those used in a home or office, and these larger versions use ink jet systems much like their smaller cousins. When the printing is complete, the ink is allowed to cure for 24 hours. After that, it's time for installation.

Getting It Right

Before the film can be applied, technicians begin the stripping process — which means they temporarily remove anything that could prevent a quality installation, such as rub rails, cleats, boat company decals, etc. Installers want a smooth, unobstructed surface to work with — sort of like a fresh, new canvas for a painter.

Once stripped, the gel coat is wiped clean with alcohol to remove dust and other impurities. With a perfectly clean surface to work with, installers begin at the rail, positioning the material so that the images line up according to the computer draft. Here's where talent and experience comes in—mess this first step up and the entire wrap could be wasted.

Slowly, using hand-sized squeegees and a heat gun, the installers at Wraps N Motion spread the wrap against the boat's surface — working outwardly from the center — slowly molding the material to the contour of the boat. When trimming is required, installers use a string-cut method to avoid slicing into the fiberglass surface beneath. This is tedious work, but important to the boat's finish when the wrap is eventually removed.

Once the wrap is fitted and trimmed, then "second surface" application begins. This simply means the addition and placement of smaller decals. It's also when the rub rail, cleats and any other removed components of the boat are reinstalled.

With the wrap complete, Wraps N Motion then takes digital images to file for future reference. All in all, it's about a two- to three-day process when done right, and the total cost is around $3,000. That may sound expensive, but when you consider the number of impressions these floating billboards receive, it's actually quite reasonable. And besides, when the customer comes to see the final product, it's a proud time for all involved. A freshly wrapped boat is a beautiful thing!

So when the Elites roll out this season, be sure to identify with your favorite angler by becoming familiar with his boat wrap. He — and his sponsors — will appreciate it.
Wraps N Motion is not limited to the large items listed under the tabs.  The ideas below are just some of the creative concepts we can help you accomplish.  With our state of the art technology, it will allow us to wrap just about any hard surface – no matter what size!  From visual marketing to a new look, contact us today to see how we can help.

1.    Vehicle Wraps
2.    Boat Wraps
3.    Fleet Wraps
4.    Car Wraps
5.    Truck Wraps
6.    Van Wraps
7.    Auto Wraps
8.    Bus Wraps
9.    Trailer Wraps
10.    Motorcycle Wraps
11.    Helmet Wraps
12.    Window Wraps
13.    Wall Mural Wraps
14.    Creative Advertising Wraps
15.    Event Graphic Wraps
16.    Bedroom Wall Wraps
17.    Commercial Wraps
18.    Show Car Wraps
19.    RV Wraps
20.    Golf Cart Wraps
21.    Floor Wraps
22.    Desk Wraps
23.    Laptop Skin Wraps
24.    Guitar Wraps
25.    Piano Wraps
26.    Stair Wraps
27.    Table Top Wraps
28.    Garage Door Wraps
29.    POP (point of purchase) Retail Wraps
30.    Camo Wraps
31.    Duck Blind Wraps
32.    Deer Stand Wraps
33.    Building Wraps
34.    Stage Wraps and Background Wraps
35.    Trade Show Booth Display Wraps
36.    3D Wraps
37.    Dog House Wraps
38.    Bars and Countertop Wraps
39.    Tool Box Wraps
40.    Locker Wraps
41.    School Pride & Sports Wraps
42.    Big Photography Wraps
43.    Signage Wraps
44.    iPhone, iPad, iPod, accessory skin Wraps
45.    Refrigerator Wraps
46.    Camper Wraps
47.    Jetski, Waverunner, Watersports Wraps
48.    ATV Wraps
49.    Door Wraps
50.    Pool Table Wraps
51.    Racing / Race car Wraps

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Wraps N Motion is now capable of producing a “piece of art” or advertising space for your bar tops our counter space!  Tired of having the menu above the register?  Have your menu made into a vinyl wrap custom fit to your counter space!  Done with the blank bar top?  Have a custom designed wrap made for your bar top!  Wraps N Motion can help you spice up your bar or counter tops – call us today and let us help increase attention in your business!

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Buses and RV’s are some of the biggest vehicles on the road, and with that comes some of the biggest mobile advertising space you can have. Wraps N Motion can utilize almost all of the visual space on your bus or RV to transform it into a large canvas of your advertisement. The vinyl wraps are permanent enough to withstand being in the elements yet easy enough to replace in case you want to change your advertisement. Living in the North Bay, people tend to spend time traveling and commuting in their cars. The more time people spend in their cars increases the chances they will see your mobile billboard. Let Wraps N Motion help spread your word with a bus or RV wrap!

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Let Wraps N Motion help turn your plain trailer space into a custom advertisement! Whether you want to advertise your company or let people know who your sponsors are, we can help. With the amount of time your trailer spends on the road, a Wraps N Motion trailer wrap is just the thing to get the word out!

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{gallery}boats:280:280:1:2{/gallery}If you're one of the many who's boat could use a good makeover, is tired of that old stock design or your existing graphics are old and fading, you've come to right place. Wraps N Motion has thrilled our customers with our vinyl graphics and boat wraps. Our customer service, selection and attention to detail are the best in the industry.

From professional bass fishing boats to wakeboarding boats to the family cruiser, Wraps N Motion can give your boat a unique look out on the water with our vinyl wraps and graphics. Our boat wraps are a great way to promote your sponsor or just clean up the tired paint job of your weekend ski boat – without the cost of painting! We offer everything from custom decals and graphics all the way up to a full boat wrap to make your boat as distinctive as you are. The Wraps N Motion process also guarantees your boat wrap will withstand the elements of the river, lake, or ocean. If you plan to get your fishing sponsor or product on T.V. or just want a new look for the weekend trip to the lake, let Wraps N Motion help you achieve your goal.

Over the last couple years boat wraps have become popular for ski boats and wakeboarding boats; even pontoon boats. These pleasure boat owners are looking for a new way of sprucing up an older boat with a fresh new look and some hot graphics. Whether these graphics are scull and horror based or reflect the new age of tattoos styles, our design team can accommodate any design needs and provide our clients with they are looking for in graphical boat wrap. So whether you are a pro tournament bass fisherman, weekend ski or wake border, or the captain of a  performance in shore or offshore boat, Wraps N Motion can turn your boat in to a vibrant, eye-catching symbol that will make waves on whatever body of water it’s on.

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We offer wall murals designs that easily match your requirements and in some cases can even easily be installed by you. No professional installation of these window wraps is required; yet if you would rather prefer a professional, we can send one out for you to your location or multiple locations around the country.Wall wraps can be seen on storefronts, malls, pillars, and many more places customers will be passing by. The wraps are a great way to advertise and attract attention to your business or product. Wraps N Motion can turn almost any blank wall into a bright billboard! With the latest technology we are capable of printing wraps to fit on most surfaces – indoor and outdoor! Our team will create a custom wall wrap at an affordable rate to display what you need. Contact us today to get your business seen! Here are some places that use wall wraps and graphics:

• Sports Facilities
• Airports - Events and Tradeshows
• Malls
• Corporate Offices
• Retail Environments
• Storefronts
• Outdoor Buildings (decals on brick, stucco, and concrete)

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The creativity and skill of our design and installation staff allow us to create a wrap to fit almost any need you may have. We want to make sure our customers get what they want, so if you don’t see your project listed please call us or stop by our showroom to work with our sales team today.

FOOD / TACO TRUCKS Revive that old food truck with a one of a kind wrap. Spice up the outside to get the customers wanting what's inside!

BOATS Our wraps are not just for vehicles confined to the highways. Wraps N Motion also provides services to get your boat that unique look out on the water. Whether your have the family fishing boat or the newest wakeboarding boat, we can work with you to fit your needs.

MOTORCYCLES No job is too small for our wraps. We can create a one-of-a-kind design for your dirt bike, street bike or cruiser and get you back on the road to enjoy the Sonoma County roads and weather.

HELMETS We can custom fit the same design used on your motorcycle or create a one-of-a-kind helmet personalized to your taste.

MOTOR HOMES, RV’S, & BOX TRAILERS Wraps N Motion has the capacity to wrap large vehicles in addition to regular vehicles. In our new shop, we have a large bay specifically designed to fit your motor home, RV, or trailer. Contact our sales team to find a design that will work for you.

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