Home Buddies VanWraps N Motion vehicle wraps can be placed on cars, trucks, buses, trailers, fleets, walls, floors, windows and most anything with a hard surface. Wraps are unique, innovative, attention-getting, and cost less than traditional forms of advertising. The ease of installing and removing wraps coupled with their durability provides an unparalleled marketing impact for your business. Did you know vehicle advertising can generate between 30,000 to 70,000 daily impressions?

Just because you've stopped working for the day doesn't mean the vehicle wrap does. Wraps work for your company 24 hours a day, seven days a week all for a one-time advertising expense. Using our vehicle wraps can increase your exposure and help you make more money! Our shop only uses the highest quality products and materials to ensure the life of your wrap. Our installers are certified by Fellers and Avery, two of the largest providers of wraps, and will guarantee your job is done correctly. Let Wraps N Motion design and create a custom vehicle wrap or fleet wrap that makes your company or product stand out in the community.



Our clients often ask, “Why shouldn't I just paint my vehicle instead of getting a vehicle wrap?”  To that, we like to offer them information on the differences between the two processes.  


Cost: A quality Vehicle paint jobs can range from $5,000 to $15,000+ depending on what color and quality of paint you want, if you want any custom graphics, and even the paint shop itself. Professionally installed vinyl wraps using the highest quality material can cost from $1500 to $3,000+ through Wraps N Motion, which can include custom graphics. For a fraction of the cost of a quality paint job, you can choose to wrap your vehicle and have it last from 5-7 years.

Resale Value:
Manufacturer’s original paint will help sell your car or truck, in case you decide it is time for a new vehicle. If your preference is a bright, exotic colored paint job, it will narrow the amount of prospective buyers when it comes time to sell. By have a wrap professionally installed by Wraps N Motion, the option to remove the wrap and return the vehicle to its original color will help keep your resale value to a premium, without everyday paint damage caused by rock chips, bug stains and debris, the wrap provides protection.

Green Alternative
Greener Alternative:
Wrapping your vehicle is a much Greener alternative to paint by simply using a heat gun to apply material to a surface. Almost all excess material is tossed in to the recycle bin after installation. There are no chemicals released in to the ozone or watersheds.

Countless Options:
 Upon purchasing your vehicle, you may have wanted a non-factory color or a design to set your vehicle apart. With hundreds of color choices and digitally printed custom graphics, Wraps N Motion can transform your vehicle into the way you want it. And instead of being stuck with your new color or design for the life of the paint job, we can remove the wrap and reinstall a new one to change the look entirely. The options to what you can do are endless.

Installation Time: Paint jobs (especially custom jobs) take time to get the vehicle prepared, painted, and buffed out – which can leave you without transportation for weeks. Wraps N Motion can get your vehicle fully transformed within two days, getting you back on the open road much more quickly.

Vinyl wraps not only allow you to change the color and design of your vehicle but it also protects the paint job underneath. All covered surfaces will not be exposed to prolonged sun exposure, thus the vinyl acts as a shield to the elements.

Easy Maintenance:
  Are you tired of waxing your vehicle? With a wrap you do not have to wax again. With a simple soap and water mixture combined with hand washing, your vehicle wrap will look brand new. For the extra dirt and grime that comes with driving, using a microfiber rag and 70% alcohol will get the wrap looking new again!

Long Lasting, Safe Removal:
 High quality vinyl produces long lasting wraps that can be safely and easily removed. Just like a paint job, a wraps life depends on exposure to the elements. Keeping the wrapped vehicle garaged will maximize the life to 5 to 7 years, at which point it can be easily removed and replaced or expose your original, non-faded paint job.