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{gallery}boats:280:280:1:2{/gallery}If you're one of the many who's boat could use a good makeover, is tired of that old stock design or your existing graphics are old and fading, you've come to right place. Wraps N Motion has thrilled our customers with our vinyl graphics and boat wraps. Our customer service, selection and attention to detail are the best in the industry.

From professional bass fishing boats to wakeboarding boats to the family cruiser, Wraps N Motion can give your boat a unique look out on the water with our vinyl wraps and graphics. Our boat wraps are a great way to promote your sponsor or just clean up the tired paint job of your weekend ski boat – without the cost of painting! We offer everything from custom decals and graphics all the way up to a full boat wrap to make your boat as distinctive as you are. The Wraps N Motion process also guarantees your boat wrap will withstand the elements of the river, lake, or ocean. If you plan to get your fishing sponsor or product on T.V. or just want a new look for the weekend trip to the lake, let Wraps N Motion help you achieve your goal.

Over the last couple years boat wraps have become popular for ski boats and wakeboarding boats; even pontoon boats. These pleasure boat owners are looking for a new way of sprucing up an older boat with a fresh new look and some hot graphics. Whether these graphics are scull and horror based or reflect the new age of tattoos styles, our design team can accommodate any design needs and provide our clients with they are looking for in graphical boat wrap. So whether you are a pro tournament bass fisherman, weekend ski or wake border, or the captain of a  performance in shore or offshore boat, Wraps N Motion can turn your boat in to a vibrant, eye-catching symbol that will make waves on whatever body of water it’s on.

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